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I really wish I had a cooler story for how I came to find Honey & Co, perhaps a Middle Eastern friend that said that H&C’s chopped liver is as good as their mother’s (this I am sure would be the case), sadly this isn’t how I found out about it, instead I found out by reading Observer Food Monthly’s 50 top foodie picks – but they did make the cheesecake sound amazing.

I got in a bit of trouble last time for not introducing my eating companions so here’s a quick introduction to my usual eating chums: Amber, our token vegetarian (which I often conveniently forget) who blogs wonderful photos from her life over on Code for Something; Nate, cat owner and the coolest Canadian (erm… possibly only?) I know; and Laura is an Essex born music fan who blogs her favourite tracks over here http://theotherllcoolj.tumblr.com/.


As much as I want to tell you how much I loved Honey & Co, our night actually began down the road in Goodge Street bar, Reverend JW Simpson. The sister bar (and one of my favourite after work bars) to Bourne and Hollingsworth, and has a similar decor (torn wallpaper and hidden toilet door) but with a slight private members feel (booking is often required – that said on this night it was empty). It’s definitely worth a visit but I must admit I’d probably stick to the original B&H which is just a couple of minutes towards Soho. After a couple of cocktails a piece where between us we achieved our five a day (gin, whisky, vodka, champagne and more gin), we wandered down to Honey & Co.

Honey & Co is a small (20 person? Be sure to book) restaurant near Warren Street – run by  Sarit Packer (formerly Executive Head Chef at NOPI) and her husband Itamar Srulovich.

There’s only one real option for starter and that’s for the table to share the luxury mezze (this is done per person so don’t worry how many people to share it with). The star of which (if you didn’t get from the introduction) is the Kamooniya (rough chopped chicken liver – I was very happy to find a recipe for this here, might even do a blog post in the future of me trying to make it) but there wasn’t a bad nor dull moment in the mezze (although our resident vegetarian possibly wasn’t too keen on the liver).

We each selected a different main course:

Me – Lamb chops, muhamra, puy lentils and lamb’s lettuce. (my first try at muhamra, I expected a harissa type sauce what I got was more subtle in flavour and far more tasty)

Nate – Pomegranate molasses chicken, cracked wheat salad wit pistachios and barberries.

Amber – Siniya roasted cauliflower, baced with a tahini topping, pistachios pitta bread.

Laura – Prawns with winter tomatoes and urfa chilli sauce.

While none of us were losers here, I think we all agreed that Nate was the clear winner – in fact his response on finishing was that it was “the best meal since the last supper” – I should probably admit that we went around Easter and this is a very delayed blog post.

By the time we got round to selecting dessert (the course Honey & Co had become famous for) we weren’t sure it could get any better. We shared two desserts between the four us, the first was of course the cheesecake (thanks Observer Food Monthly) and the second we harrassed the nice couple on the table next to us for their favourite.

The cheesecake was everything it had been hyped up to be (another Nate quote “How does this even exist?!”), luxurious cream cheese layered on top of Kadaif pastry which gave an amazing crunch to the dessert. Our second was whipped white chocolate with olive oil and pine nuts, if this hadn’t been served next to *that* cheesecake this would have been a truly wonderful dessert but the cheesecake.

All four of us came away saying that was certainly the best meal we’ve had in 2013, I’ve recommended it to anyone who has asked me for restaurant tips in the past couple of months and none who trusted me enough to go have been disappointed.

With a conservative one bottle of wine between the four of us the entire meal came to £128 (£33 each) before service.

Honey & Co | 25a Warren Street, London W1T 5LZ | Mon – Sat (closed early on Mon) – Booking Necessary

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